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Professional Online Audio Music Online Mixing and Online Mastering Engineer tailored to suit your budget
100% Satisfaction Audio Online Mixing Studio and Audio Online Mastering Studio.

Crystal Online Mixing and Online Mastering Engineers are here now ready to help artists, bands and record labels of all genres to get professional sounding demos EPs or albums at very affordable prices, all work is sent to our top Music Audio Online Mixing Engineer and Online Mastering Engineer at Crystal Mixing and Mastering for online mixing and online mastering which enables us to have a very fast turn around while still providing excellent quality album mixes and mastered tracks ready for digital and physical distribution.

Professional online audio Mixing and Mastering

How much will it cost?

Pricing for each job is different, and depends on the quality of the recordings and the time it will take to produce a professional result.We tailor our prices to suit your needs.

To get a quote, or for more information from us then please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.🙂

Why should I use Crystal Mixing and Mastering?

We have over 9 years solid experience in Mixing tracks and Mastering audio and work with each client closely to ensure they are completely happy with the finished product and turnaround times are fast and efficient.

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At Crystal Mixing (and Mastering) we use only the finest industry standard plug-ins for Mixing and Mastering our clients music. (ie. URS, Frequalizer 2 channel Mastering EQ, Waves.
EQs and compressors mimicking classically renowned hardware from: SSL, Api, Neve, etc

How does it work ?

Crystal Mixing and Mastering works by taking advantage of the latest technology available to the music industry, clients send their recorded tracks via the internet (or snail mail) and We will Mix and/or Master to a professional standard for a very reasonable price.
Crystal Mixing and Mastering will send sample Mixes and/or Masters of your songs at various stages during the process to ensure that you can specify alterations to your taste or if you require any extra production work added. We also give free advice on production of the tracks and recording techniques.
After Mixing your tracks Crystal Mixing and Mastering will also Master your songs free of charge so they are ready for commercial release.


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